Jade World Carvers Create Nephrite Jade Earrings


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From Jade World in Canada comes these round ball earrings. These are fastened to a small sterling silver ball, to which the post and earring wire is attached. A classic style jade earring, these never lose their popularity.

The name “jade” goes back to the Spanish conquest of Central and South America. It was known to provide protection and a cure for kidney disease.

In 1863, a Frenchman proved that two minerals, jadeite and nephrite, were the same gemstone as what we call jade. This stone has been known for over 7,000 years.

The jade is an 8 mm ball. From the tip of the round silver ball to the bottom of the jade ball measures 1/2 inch. Each post is held in place by a finding that includes a round, flat piece that lies next to the ear, keeping the earring stationary and making these earrings more comfortable to wear.


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