Greetings, visitors, and welcome to Lucinda's Boutique. In case we haven't met, I am Lucinda the literate cat. I write book reviews and some posts for our website and now have agreed to help my CCL (Cantankerous Cat Lady) in operating this boutique so she can sell a few pieces of jewelry.

CCL is now retired, but she sold jewelry for over 50 years and has a lot of pieces left in her store collection. 
She has written a short description of her jewelry background and experience, which I include here:

"I have sold jewelry for a long time, so have amassed a good amount of knowledge and sources of supply. For many of my years in Kodiak, Alaska, I had a shop called "The Crosswinds." Every year I would go to a big wholesale show to select new stock. I discovered the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, and attended for a number of years.

It always amazed me to stand in the courtyard of a large Tucson motel complex, filled with vendors. I'd hear people speaking languages from all over the world.

Many of my suppliers also attended that show as vendors, so I could select their newest additions to their line. I also added new suppliers whose lines fit well with mine and enhanced my offerings.  Now, my leftovers represent a cross-section of those years. The collection has a bit of an international flavor. You never know what I might pull out next to include in the boutique."

Let me tell you a few things about our shop. The merchandise is divided into three categories: Bargain Trunk, Costume Jewelry and Bridge Jewelry.

The jewelry in this collection is priced below retail, thus helping you to cover shipping costs. If you are looking for rock-bottom prices, try the Bargain Trunk. These are pieces taken in trade, or perhaps from a supplier we will never see again. If you like something in this selection, you will find it extremely inexpensive.

The next two classes consist of pieces from my CCL's suppliers, usually the last one in a line she has carried. A few of these pieces could be reordered, but most represent a one-only choice. You will find them all moderately priced.

The Bridge Jewelry comes from the class just below fine jewelry with precious stones. With a few exceptions, these are mostly sterling. Many contain semi-precious stones. Some of these pieces can be ordered again. If you see a piece you really like and miss the chance to buy it, contact us and we will tell you if we can get another one.

Most important, though: Remember that all this jewelry has a price below, and sometimes 'way below the retail price. If you want a bargain, you have come to the right place.

Do return to this boutique often, as my CCL will be adding new pieces regularly. Grab it before someone else sees it!  Now, wander through our boutique and enjoy our offerings. Thanks so much for visiting.