Collect This Alaska State Flag On Pin And Bandana




If you would like an Alaskan remembrance, here you will see a couple of fun ones. There are not one, but two Alaska state flag pins. The bandana, also a copy of the Alaskan flag, measures 21 inches square.

Our flag got its design in 1927. Students in Alaskan schools participated in a contest to design a state flag for us. The winner was a 13-year-old Native boy living in Kodiak; his name was Benny Benson.

His design, shown on a dark blue background, included the big dipper, outlined with stars of gold, with the North star above it.

In my early years in Kodiak, I met Benny and his wife. My husband and I often saw them on a somewhat remote beach that was apparently a favorite hiking place of theirs, as it was for us.

Wear the pin and bandana with pride, as our state is one to be proud of.





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