Paparazzi Necklace And Earring Set Formed of Metal Circles




This one has a slight similarity to the other Paparazzi necklace of coin-shaped silver pieces. The metal circles on this necklace consist of bronze tones and silver-appearing ones.

One set of silver circles and one of the bronze ones are formed of single rings that are encircle the center open space. Designs are stamped on the pieces; the large one at the  bottom and the two silver ones above appear to have been pounded to alter their shape.

The earrings are the same design as the small bronze circles that appear on the necklace. They consist of an outer ring with a stamped design and an open circular center, The chain on the necklace has some heft, and is composed of bronze links. A necklace extender is included.

The necklace measures approximately 20 inches long, 10 inches on either side. The earrings measure 1/2 inch in diameter and 1/2 inch high. Earrings are light, though the necklace has a bit of bulk.


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