Clear Quartz “Tongue” Pendant, Rainbow Moonstone, Sterling Bale


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A clear quartz “tongue” pendant with a silver bale forms the base of this classy piece. Above the quartz tongue is a hinged silver finding that attaches to a very nice square rainbow moonstone.

This stone is set in a diamond shape within a silver bezel, set in a larger frame that has a gold edge.

The outer points of the diamond-set stone are as wide as the flat crystal piece below it. They measure 1/4 inch across. The length of the pendant from where it attaches to the bale, to the base of the quartz piece, measures 1-1/2 inches long.

The large bale at the top will allow a chain or good-sized cord to pass through it. The moonstone itself, without its frame of silver, measures 3/8 inch across.


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