Complex Beaded Black Guatemalan Bracelet, Faceted Accents




This bracelet has a unique design, with small raised black beads atop a central beaded section. Larger, faceted black beads, placed at half-inch intervals along the bracelet’s edge, are a jet look-alike, giving an added sparkle to the piece.

The central beaded part is done with tiny black, gold, and silver beads, adding to the exotic appearance of this bracelet. At the end, for a fastener that fits in the beaded loop from the other end, is a larger black faceted bead with an aurora borealis finish, adding a final sparkle to the piece.

The bracelet measures 7-3/4 inches long, and probably would be just over 7 inches when worn on the wrist. The beaded base is 1/4 inch wide, but with the added black faceted “special” beads spaced along the edge, it measures 1/2 inch wide.



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