Joseph Brinton Silver & Lavender Earrings, Sterling French Hooks




Here is another of my few remaining Joseph Brinton earrings. These, though simple, provide attractive detail to the style.

This pair is another of what I call “necktie” earrings, because of their shape and length. At the top, just below the earwire, is a small rectangular piece of lavender metal, with corners curved. The lavender piece attaches to the long silver piece beneath by a small silver loop. A second small loop holds a lavender bead, positioned so it rests over the top of the silver piece.

This silver “necktie” measures 1-3/4 inches long. It tapers to a point at the top where it attaches to the lavender piece. At the bottom, the silver piece flares to 5/16 inches wide. The surface has been decorated with small marks, or dots, to add some interest to the smooth surface.

Simple, yet attractive, like many of Joseph Brinton’s pieces.


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