Jointed Fish Necklace With Chain Shows Incredible Detail




This silver-colored metal fish is made up of a tail piece, a head piece, and five jointed sections in between, making it quite flexible, much as a real fish. Each section overlays the one below it, from the head to the tail.

Both head and tail are stationary, but the sections in between all flex, creating life-like movement. Each section is embossed with scale designs, and tiny side fins are even added to create a real fish look.

Your cat would love this jewelry. Lucinda really likes it.

Even the fish’s tail has lines to make it look like a model of the real thing. Two tiny red “eyes” with a silver dot above them add to the amazing detail of this piece.

The whole necklace is very light-weight for its size. On the tail fins on one side, it says, “made in Hong Cong.” The fish, from nose to the end of the tail, measures 2-3/8 inches long. The chain is 24 inches long.



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