Heart-Shaped Sterling Pendant Set With Rare Larimar Stone




Pendant, sterling heart set with round larimar stoneThe gemstone, larimar, was discovered within my lifetime. There is not much of it around. Mine comes from the Dominican Republic, where it is found inside the cone of an extinct volcano.

You can look deep into this round blue stone — a soft blue with some darker shading adding interest to the gem. Look at this stone over your tea leaves and perhaps some inspiration will come your way.

The central blue larimar stone, which has a radius of 5/8 inch, rests in the center of a sterling heart-shaped frame. A large bale at the top allows room for a stout chain or cord. The back of the heart shows the 925 sterling stamp.

The heart measures an inch from top to bottom and an inch across the wide top of the piece. Notice the matching earrings available as well.


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