Silver And Gold Falling Leaves, French Hooks, by Judie Gumm Of Alaska




By rights, this pair belongs in the Bridge Jewelry collection, but it’s the kind of jewelry that goes with many costumes. Also, the price is discounted quite heavily, so we’ll admire them here.

These have always been a favorite pair of Judie’s many wonderful earrings, so hope you enjoy them. They will match many things, as they have the advantage of being both silver and gold. The top leaf is cast from sterling silver, and the bottom one is 24-karat gold plate over sterling.

The earring wires are gold-fill. Just above the point where the silver leaf attaches to the earring wire is a small gold bead.

These earrings measure 1-3/8 inches long. At their widest point they measure 1/2 inch wide.


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