Rhodonite Pendant, Diamond-Cut Rope Chain, From Jade World




Our friends in Canada have created this deep pink rhodonite pendant for your wearing pleasure. It hangs from a diamond-cut sterling rope chain that measures 18 inches long.

The name “rodonite” comes from the Greek word for rose. Very often this pink color will carry inclusions of black, which are manganese oxide. However, the color of both this pendant and the earrings listed here is a pure, deep pink. Rhodonite is often called the “stone of love.”

Besides the sterling chain, the pendant is also set in sterling, and has the 925 sterling stamp on the back. At the top of the teardrop-shaped stone, a silver wire twists up from the bezel, forming an attractive swirled shape through which the chain passes.

The teardrop measures 1/2 inch from top to bottom. At its widest point, it measures 3/8 inch wide.


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