Lemon Tree Earrings, Sterling Wires, Flower Designs




Here’s an interesting pair of earrings from Lemon Tree, a company under the Left Hand Studios umbrella in Longmont, Colorado. A small rectangle holds the design of the earring, a stylized six-petal flower in white and red. Blue petals appear behind the white ones, and an elaborate design of curlicues and colors fills the rest of the rectangle.

A faceted glass bead with a small, round silver bead on either side fills a short wire that then attaches to the sterling earwire. The glass bead is unusual — It’s pale lavender; however, the faceted surfaces give off a silvery sheen.

The rectangle, set longways, measures 3/4 inch long and 1/2 inch wide. A narrow frame of gold edges the rectangle. The earring, from the silver wire with the faceted bead to the bottom of the earring measures one inch.



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