Large Southwest Lizard Pin, Enameled Metal, Beautiful Color




SW enameled metal lizardThis appealing pin will attract attention for sure! The colors are beautifully executed and blended, creating a piece of wearable art.

You will see an enameled bear pin listed as well, which is done in a similar style

I got these two Southwest enamel pins on a trade, and am very glad I did. They were originally purchased in Albuquerque; however, I could find no information about any enamel artist who does such work.

In spite of the intricacies of the design, this is a very clean piece. Edges are smooth and sharply defined, and the colors blend beautifully.

This is the kind of piece that, when you wear it, will have people asking  where you found it. Send  them to the boutique.

The pin measures 2-3/4 inches long. The width varies a great deal, though in the widest places, it’s an inch wide or slightly more. If you considered it a solid piece of rectangular metal with no design, it would be 2 inches wide.



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