Cornelian And Citrine Earrings, Handmade Silver Wires




These dangling earrings have an antique look that makes them quite appealing. Ornate findings adorn top and bottom of the multi-faceted cornelian ball that hangs at the base of the earring.

Cornelian is a form of chalcedony. Citrine is usually heat-treated amethyst or a form of smoky quartz.

Above the ball with its unique findings, two small rings attach it to the top stone, a small citrine, also faceted. Around the silver bezel of this stone is a row of tiny granulated silver beads. Handmade sterling wires attach to a loop atop the citrine setting.

Because of the faceting of the stones, top and bottom, they catch the light and reflect it outward, making these earrings very eye-catching.

These earrings measure 1-1/4 inch from the wire of the earring where it attaches, to the bottom of the cornelian ball. This ball measures 7/16 inch across, and the small, round citrine measures 1/4 inch across. This hard-to-find color combination might be just the pair you need.


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