Clear Quartz Tongue Pendant, Mystery Stone At Top




Here’s a nice clear quartz tongue pendant with a smooth silver bezel, and two additional silver caps, stacked on top, each a bit smaller than the bezel itself. A plain silver bale is attached to a stationary silver loop at the top. This loop attaches to the silver bezel on the top stone.

The top stone is a bit of a mystery, as I am not sure what it is. It looks like a piece of clear glass to which age has added some “crackle lines” and a bit of gold color. The glass itself has a bit of a golden tint.

Antique glass might not be too far from the mark — at one time I’d acquired jewelry set with pieces of antique Roman glass. Perhaps this piece is set with some ancient bit of an artifact. Regardless of its ancestry, the pendant would be a pleasure to wear.

Inside the crystal you can see a bit of cloudiness. Perhaps a phantom crystal is forming inside this tongue pendant.

The pendant measures two inches from the top of the glass piece to the base of the crystal. At its widest, it measures 3/4 inch across.



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